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QuirkEbooks is the exclusive e-bookstore of author Russil Tamsen. You may find it a bit freaky in here! If you’re in your 20s, maybe a spiritual hedonist who loves honesty, if you dig pointed satire and the bohemian art-music underground, you’ve come to the right joint. Plenty of great brain food is downloadable here by open-minded people. Now with sneak peeks, plus audio clip excerpts from all Art books, so you can really savor the flavor before buying.

COMING SOON! Russil’s e-zine series is coming to life. Burst:zine, 5 minute stories inspired by dreams, will soon be performances too. Improvised musical interludes will separate the stories, as delivered by Russil. Stay tuned for more about this exciting new show format: Flash Fiction, Live!


Please note: there is enlightening (or at least weird) erotica in several of the e-books in this ebookstore. They’re not for your kids… and probably not for your parents either! All 22 downloads are in PDF file format. If you don’t already have it, get yourself a free version of Adobe Reader! The art/poetry e-books will be best viewed on your laptop, desktop, or color tablet (iPad, Color Nook, Kindle Fire)… Once again, welcome!  Scroll back up to the menubar, and have some fun exploring life at the QuirkEbook fringe…

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