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me-on-beach2Hello. I am Russil Tamsen, the quirky editor, author and audiobook voice actor here.

Sixteen or so of my ebooks are self-published through QuirkEbooks, while a few more collabos remain on the back burners.

How did I get here?

After graduating from Brown University I entered corporate life back in the 80s. It didn’t suit me! I found myself venting poetry and lyrics onto paper – although I didn’t care to share it, and anyway the spoken word scene had not yet blown up. As I explored Brooklyn, Philly and San Francisco, I focused instead on becoming a songwriter. Throughout the mid 90s I wandered around the country like Jack Kerouack, living out of a backpack, soon finding that pen and paper were far more portable than guitars and drumkits! I dropped in and out of various music scenes, but all the while I kept lots of notes about my tumbleweed existence. I was a student of hard knocks having surreal dreams and awkward adventures, but gleaning poetic nuggets from it all. Was I a musician writing or a writer musicianing? Hard to say.

My gypsy rock stopped rolling in 2004. I put down roots in Florida so I could become an author. After I learned book design, I wondered how to package and market my works as quirky, hip, bohemian must-haves. Enter An ongoing labor of love, QEB is my ebookstore. (Here’s to staying indie!)

Meanwhile writers in the area kept approaching me for editorial assistance, and so I evolved into a freelance fiction editor.

For a while I helped host a scene of fiction-readers called Wordier Than Thou. This particular literary scene informed my transition into voice acting and audiobook narration. I perform my own writings as a combination of character voicings, spoken word and emotion music, ever hoping to milk a few drops from my pricey BA in Theater Arts! How I would perform your short story or novel for, say, an audiobook would depend entirely on the tone of your writing.

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For questions or clarifications about QuirkEbooks and Russil Tamsen, please contact: [email protected]