• Your draft is done.
  • You simply adore your manuscript.
  • You’ve even squeezed out a revision!

Yet a little birdie is whispering that your work still needs expert help. Are you psyched to tackle the next level? Before you upload to Amazon or spend a lot of time agent-shopping, stop and think.

You at least deserve a proper Edit of your manuscript, don’t you?

And later, once you have finished the editing stage, how about an Audiobook of your vision? The market for audiobooks is booming. In the iPhone era, a lot of hipper listeners may prefer to enjoy your work via earbuds at the gym or on the car stereo while commuting rather than in paperback.

Why not get yourself a Quirkebooks Edit and/or a Quirkebooks Audiobook? Either investment in your work will put you well ahead of the publishing curve and give you a leg up on the competition.

editing-service-1Even if you are not a Nanowrimer,* you know you need an edit. Let’s chat.

We specialize in editorial rewrites of fiction. Depending on what you submit, your manuscript could enjoy:

  • a brief, tender polishing
  • a thorough spring cleaning, or
  • a radical remodeling.

Beyond grammar, expect your work to be optimized for clarity, pacing, vividness, flow, poetry (if needed) and succinctness.

Sample Edit: Submit an excerpt of up to eight pages from your novel. We’ll edit your sample, on the house, so you can judge for yourself before committing to a full edit.**

Editing Services

Go big. Believe in the power of excellence to inspire your readers! If you’re a motivated storyteller and you’re ready for the next level, you’ll find Russil Tamsen to be a talented and knowledgeable guide. Only $2 per page ($8 per 1000 words)! Visit the Upwork profile here:


Samples (links to books on Amazon):

Parasail Island and the Sons of Beaches by Ronnie Roberts / Saleena Sanchez and the Cursed Crown by Preston Copeland / Engineer Your Perfect Child by Bett Correa/ Self Mastery by Loraghne Henry/ The Darkest Corner of His Mind (unpublished) by Nicholas Richard Wilde


We do entertaining and fully-voiced novel narrations. The mp3s of your audiobook will be clean recordings with professional post-production. They will meet all required specs of their future download homes at Audible.com, Podiobooks.com or your own site.

Sample mp3: Hearing a chapter of your work rise off the page and come alive is a real thrill. Get yourself a free sample mp3 of up to seven minutes of your book, featuring great narration and post production! (Your work will need to be edited and finalized before it can be considered for audiobook production.)

Audiobook Narration Service

To review a range of audiobook samples and to find out more, visit Russil’s narrator/producer profile at ACX.com. Rates are negotiable.


*Nanowrimo is an international community of writers who try to write a complete novel in 30 days, usually in November.

** We reserve the right to pass on any manuscript.