The Kundalini Code, a novel

E-book word count: 105K words (454 pages)

Blurb: The Kundalini Code novel is a transgressional satire (NSFW). It weaves together the lives of five artists who are making something out of nothing while snaking their way toward stardom: a singer, a beat producer, a film director, a writer, and a guitar hipster. We follow their quirky sex lives and their social disillusions as they learn to get themselves heard.

A willowy, introverted tomboy named Sabrina is not sure about her sexual orientation but dreams of being a singer – and losing her virginity. Facing ruin after a tornado, she bikes across country with a pal, writes poetry and makes herself a nest in L.A., modeling for artistic nudes. Will she triumph by fronting her goth band, Clitastrophe? Sabrina will meet Cherisse, a shameless hottie runaway whose punk attitude hides an explosive secret. Cherisse has basic problems getting herself stable enough to record, maybe the sex industry can be her savior? Ziggy, a lonely heartbroken professor, only seems to have chemistry with the ladies when he hires them for his undercover fetish film-making. The outrageous scheme he concocts catapults him out of university doldrums into Notoriety; however, his makeover into director of a zany, X rated reality show will be torpedoed by someone close. Across the oceans, a Palestinian peacenik is working for the army and wrestling with his hypocrisies as he senses assassins drawing near: he must get his world-changing shamanic book published before it is too late! While Todd, the ever drunk hipster from Seattle, hates being a 90s guitar has-been. He will literally have to swim his way free from drowning in songwriters block. Will he find the deeper fulfillment he craves in a global, spiritual adventure?

The paths of these five entrepreneurial creatives weave together in serendipitous, even healing ways, amid the clash of incompatible world subcultures. One of the five will not survive…

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Book sample (p.149):

A Chopin CD sets a sweet mood in the white expanse of Engleton’s New York art studio. Joanna and Donnis joke with each other while Sabrina pours herself into an elaborate costume and sips from a champagne glass.

A translucent phallus stands on the table by the door. (Of course.) Along the right wall, rearing up under a chandelier, is a life-size sculpture of a tiger by Swahili Industries. A long whitish scroll of backdrop paper hangs from the rafters, bisecting the room; piles of equipment and props are strewn in all directions.

Bob Engleton, the renowned B&W art photographer, has at last finished dressing the set. Very period costumey. With mad yet steely eyes, he makes his first request of the shoot.

“Alright, my pretties, come on over and stand right here, right next to that column. Donnis, I want you to feel like a god, that’s your character, you’re the Pharaoh, baby, you’re sexy, you’re powerful, you’re a beast. Great. Can you get hard under your loincloth?”

Donnis shoots him a quizzical look. “Already?”

“I’m so sure you can,” Bob winks. “Now reach up to the sun, great. Both arms. Great. Lovely, lovely. Now, Joanna. Look at this poor Pharaoh. Give him a hand. No other hand, silly, just grab him by his… whatever. Isn’t it hard yet, Joanna dear? Oo, I think you are going to have to do your thing. You know. Be mischievous, spontaneous, sweetheart! Take us wherever you wish to take it.”

Donnis is sporting a pharaoh’s crown from the costume rental down on Fairfax. Joanna strikes a devilish pose, hanging off of Donnis’ shoulder like a satanic ballerina. Sabrina emerges into their midst, resplendent, in a stylish treat from wardrobe.

“Lovely, lovely cleav-ahj-j,” the photographer encourages.

Joanna bends down and slips down her bikini straps. She then strikes other poses, caressing Donnis’ feet with her blond hair. Biting his ass. Falling on her back and arching her spine playfully like a dog who is wanting to play fetch or get belly-rubbed.

Ah, how Bob Engleton loves working with Joanna. A couple shoot can be much trickier than a solo nude shoot, for some models. It’s more psychological. It’s a stretch from the physical. But Joanna? She is a very versatile model, especially now that she’s stripped down to a bikini bottom and scuba mask! Both these professionals are humble about their own beauty. Bob is thinking up a prayer to thank the Creator for having the opportunity to work with such imaginative Talent.

But what about this new girl, Sabrina?


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  1. I devoured this book. More than once I was amazed at the trippy scenes, like when Todd was imagining himself being a dolphin. At other times, the wettest and most sensual imagery was created through stylishly–might I say “intellectually”?– chosen words. I respect the taboo, naughty parts of the story and the way they were presented in a sweet and attractive (and nurturing) way. No wonder that women love this book! An enlivening and very enjoyable read!

  2. I was very impressed with the author’s writing and with this book. It’s very funny, playful and contemporary. The writing is lyrical and rhythmic, as one might expect from a musician. I love his use of present tense… At various points in the book, I was reminded of Salman Rushdie, Hunter S. Thompson, William Kotzwinkle, and Tom Robbins. I think that’s high praise.

  3. It’s really amazing, the way it weaves together. Some of the scenes got me pretty hot, truthfully! Really liked the threesome in Jordan, and Sabrina’s first escapade…

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