Fire Escape

Fire Escape: a collection of smokin’ hot quick lit. Illustrated e-book. Word count: 10,638. 96 pages, 23 images by 23 artists; pdf file format for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, laptops and desktops. All artists are credited with hyperlinks in the appendix.

Blurb: If it didn’t mention fire, or thoughts of escaping, or actual fire escapes, it isn’t in this book! Fire Escape contains decidedly urban visions of nightlife: hip hop, thugs, disasters, getting fucked over but coping, striving to keep one’s brain from exploding while barely getting out of deadly jams in the nick of time. Several non-linear poems in this e-book were poured straight out of the dreamtime, i.e. with the symbolism already built in.

The end result is something like Hunter S. Thompson meeting Neil Gaiman at a crossroads in purgatory.

sneak peek (pdf format)

Audio clip (takes a moment to load):

Did you enjoy the excerpted sample?  If you did, please go ahead and support the arts by purchasing the complete e-book:

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  1. Poring through Russil’s “Fire Escape,” a fired-up, inspired collection of poems,
    gives me that Dylanesque feeling of going out to “see the Gypsy,”
    wherever she might lead me,
    sweeping through dream visions several layers deep
    and gambling on rambling into Vegas, all with one arm waving free.
    Or waltzing in wonderful Whitmanesque wanderings,
    dancing through smoke rings of remembrances and chances
    and Mona Lisa glances.
    Even at times gives me that hair-on-fire feeling where there’s really no escape, no exit
    as Sartre would have it
    as he sighted the essence of life embodied in that
    man in a purple pair of suspenders about to vomit.
    Taste of the absurd in so many words.
    All the same, I felt just like Jesse James reading Russil’s poems:
    feeling and stealing my way through Russil’s version of Satyricon,
    episodically loaded, meandering on the road
    through times not B.C. but R.T…

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