Nude Haiku

Nude Haiku: Poetry + Nude Photography. Illustrated e-book, a virtual coffee-table book. Word Count: 3,594. Includes 200 color photographs, 200 haikus; 179 pages; pdf file format for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, laptops and desktops. All photographers are credited in the appendix.


Blurb:  In Nude Haiku, poet Russil celebrates the female nude in all her glory… Not  content with juvenile odes of adoration, he probes deeply, thoughtfully, and humorously into the psyche of both models and viewers. The author manages to create micro-stories within the very limited space of haiku… roughly 17 syllables. The koans and quips in Nude Haiku cross-resonate with the brilliant imagery of these photographers, even as Russil’s words honorably reframe the visual content.

sneak peek (pdf format)

The Nude Haiku chapter headings are revealing: Nature, Design, Stretches, Seduction, Complication, Dismay, Primed, Humor, Transcendence, Submission/Dominance, Visions, Alternatives, In Your Face, Recentering, Games, Spirit, Danger, Sunshine, and Healing. Clearly this man has an appreciative artistic eye that finds beauty in so many dimensions of womanhood, not overlooking the obvious “babe” eye-candy level! Nude Haiku is the kind of virtual coffee-table book that was longing to be made. It could be gratefully welcomed into the hands of anyone who believes in the erotic and creative liberation of women. Those who wish to can investigate further the talented photographers within, via live links to their respective websites.

Did you enjoy the excerpted sample?  If you did, please go ahead and download for FREE the complete e-book:

e-book pdf  (13mb) “Nude Haiku”: $Totally Free!!




  1. I have an appreciation for this poet, for his vision and viewpoint, and for his not conforming to whatever rules ‘govern’ Americanized haiku. Top two poets for me (whatever) are e.e. cummings and Dr. Seuss, both rulebreakers as well as pioneers who forged through what had been deemed established territory until their arrival (and where the dust hasn’t settled since their departure). Mr. Tamsen is like this with Nude Haiku. The photographs sit well beneath his carefully structured short poems. If there was ever an accurate narration for the erotic and sensual pictures he’s selected, I can’t think of anyone more capable of translating that narrative. I’m only half way through, but I already feel as if I’ve journeyed for thousands of miles on a slow train through some of the most beautiful, plush land in existence. Mr. Tamsen, I appreciate the trip very much so far!…

  2. OMG I FUCKING LOVE IT. I really dig your work Mister! This ‘Nude Haiku’, is totally and completely phenomenal. The ladies are gorgeous + very edgy poetika. A must have book for the ultimate Dude Cave coffee table…or is it a beer table? And for the open-minded free-spirited chick with an eye for gorgeous women photographed erotically beautiful. Just fabulous! 😉

    • Thanks for the kind words, Gidget! Nude Haiku will be remaining an electronic book rather than going to the printers. I don’t want trees cut down in my name! So it’s a VIRTUAL book and it’s intended to grace people’s VIRTUAL coffee tables… with great ku and lovely visuals of course 😉

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