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The Shiva Channel: an illustrated collection of inspired flow. Available as an illustrated e-book. (Word count: 18,194.) 124 pages, with 24 images by 24 visual artists; pdf file format best for color tablets, laptops and desktops.

Blurb: The Shiva Channel flows somewhere between the towering spirits of Rumi and Timothy Leary. While non-religious, this gallery lit show is a waterfall of deep spiritual thoughts. It includes a positive look at certain medicines that have been demonized. It also pulls no punches with its hawk-eyed social critiques. This collection carves a waterway through the land of music-friendly art galleries. Audience members can imagine themselves drifting in a canoe with a South Seas sitarist, an Ozzie didgeridoodler, and a doumbek-playing Egyptian percussionist, each getting a chance to weave equatorial moods and help the audience digest the content. The 24 spoken word pieces of The Shiva Channel will be delivered, of course, by the golden tongue of poet and author Russil Tamsen.

An appropriate visual projection supports each musical interlude; these curated, slide-projected pieces of art are by various underground artists:

Some people have been touched by this book. Despite the media’s caricature of stoners, my experience has been that spiritual tokers have been among the most interesting and enjoyable conversationalists on the planet. That is why this gallery lit show is packed with sincere suggestions for them. I hope to connect with more freedom seekers, tokers, philosophers, self-enlighteners and cross-cultural explorers. (Of course!)

sneak peek (pdf format)

Audio clip #1 (takes a moment to load):  Here’s a motivational spoken word piece from The Shiva Channel, narrated by the author:

Audio clip #2 (takes a moment to load): Check out an enthusiastic reading of the poem Katmandu, a Ritual for Cannabis by British radio jock Dopefiend: 

In a more high art vein: modern classical composer Joshua Newton chose to use the poem Azigza from my e-book as the libretto for a short operatic piece (now at Josh’s mp3 page). It was premiered at the University of Maine in December 2010. 

Did you enjoy the excerpted samples?  If you did, please go ahead and support the arts by purchasing the complete e-book:

e-book pdf “THE SHIVA CHANNEL”: $2.99



  1. My favorites are Mysteriously Sitting, Templar Quest, Breakfast of Light, and Katmandu. Excellent opening line of Mysteriously: “Just this side of rigor mortis I am a tortoise.” I love it… I liked the whole poem of Templar Quest. Finding the Divine Us between the molecules… Breakfast of light. I dug the probing tendrils of nocturnal energy… Katmandu. What can i say. Excellent the way you took the 4 primal elements and broke them down and put them back together again in all of us… On Channeling: I think we all do this when we write or tap into some form of creativity. For me, I call it my Hurricane in my Brain. All those words fly around until i can’t ignore them anymore and then I let them channel out onto paper.

  2. Re Our Voices Didn’t Matter Until: Great stuff. If I still smoked I would like to roll these words up and FTMFU. Nice…….very nice poem.

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