Zombie Luau, a Halloween Show

Zombie Luau: an illustrated collection of quick lit, rife with Horror and Heartache! Illustrated e-book. Word count: 15,616. 118 pages, 27 images by 27 different artists; pdf file format for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, laptops and desktops.

Blurb:  Zombie Luau is a collection of poems that dance between cartoonish violence and the shocking agony of real grief. It is a trip down the Halloween road of morbid fascination, horror and heartache. This book is one of the author’s personal favorites.

sneak peek (pdf)

Forget reading this if you’re all about Hollywood endings or cheesy platitudes. Zombie Luau revels in the worst nights of the soul. Herein the darkness is faced head on with honesty, although it is punctuated with tongue-in-cheek insights born of the struggle to keep a spiritual flame lit, to maintain one’s self-esteem despite the fangs and creepy crawlies of the night!

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Did you enjoy the excerpted samples?  If you did, please go ahead and support the arts by purchasing the complete e-book:

e-book pdf “ZOMBIE LUAU”: $X.XX

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  1. Russil Tamsen’s “Zombie Luau” is a glorious party with the undead! Each evil monstrosity unleashed by Tamsen crawled out of the screen and into my lap, provoking either a shriek of horror or a maniacal laugh! I recommend catching a hold of the thing before it returns back to the darkness from whence it came…

  2. Love, love, loving Zombie Luau. I keep not finishing it, because I find myself going back and reading my favourites again. It is like taking literary LSD. Really awesome… she runs out of adjectives.

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