Black Gaga

E-book word count:6,955 words (40 pages). Script for a graphic novel.

Blurb: A wackasexadelic play about extreme freedom of individual expression vs. spiritual cooperation. It’s about Art and artistic fucking in a couple of unusual black subcultures.

The characters head out on an RV for Burning Man Festival. They include two loony but pedantic ladies (who are extravagant dressers and gothic swingers) who have created a hedonistic Art Barn with a DJ friend yet can never quite turn a profit. One high-minded boat captain has been trying to bring his spiritual ‘quiet storm’ web-radio to the masses, but his patience is being taxed to the max. Also a ‘conscious’ hip hop producer has been trying to sign a reluctant singer, a talented rastaman still in the closet.

But the bus driver has other plans. He has gone rogue, and planted a bomb on board. He takes his busload of decadent artists hostage! This poetic play is about grassroots creativity and what it takes to get your point across these days. Plenty of sex and philosophy.


Book sample (p.22):


(muttering) You ain’t gonna get away with this, driver.

[There’s a knock on the RV door.]

DONNA (returning from taking a leak)

What’s up with the lights? What’s going on in there?



SUPERFIXIT GUY (swinging open the door.)

And a cherry on top. (Ties up DONNA as well.)


Don’t worry, Donna.  We’re just having a little bombscare and we are being held hostage. Join the fun.


Shut up!


Why are you doing this, SUPERFIXIT GUY? You’ve always been such a great worker for us!


Because! Because I have been secretly working undercover.


No way.  For who?


For the PLEO!


Huh? The PLEO? Don’t you mean the PLO?


No, I mean the PLEO! I represent the Puritan League of the Easily Offended!


What? Ain’t no such damn thing…


You shut up! NOW! (Silence. He giggles.) You’ve all been going much too far. Much too much too much too fucking FAR with this art. And the PLEO won’t fucking stand for it anymore!! So, everybody out the door, and lay face down on the ground! NOW!  I’m serious! NOW!  [They obey, sobbing that they’re all going to die.] Now, we are going to have a slug race. Come on, slugs! First one of you to slime your way all the way across the gravel to that finish line up at the edge of the main road, gets to live and go free. I’ll be watching you! Don’t look around or I shoot you in the back. On your marks…

e-book pdf “BLACK GAGA”: $3.95

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