Everything I’ve Learned from Hallucinogens

E-book word count:11,424 words (55 pages)

Blurb: Just say no – to bad vibes, that is! Here is my journey through the world of psychedelic plants and chemicals. I wrote it to help defuse the paranoid propaganda that has become so rampant about all things psychedelic. I never jumped out any windows while doing acid. In fact I had major spiritual awakenings, sometimes amid glorious laughter and silliness. And although I did have one fearful trip I was in a safe environment, and I still managed to learn from the experience.

This book contains the stories of my various psychedelic breakthroughs, regarding: the healing of my relationship with my body, the surpassing of my own limitations, and the expansion of my awareness toward the divine.


Book sample (p.17)

I found myself a perfect spot in the fresh mountain air. I lay back on the lush autumn grass of one of the ski slopes. The foliage around me was orange, red, ochre, incredible! I tried to take it all in but failed. I closed my eyes… and felt a familiar surge of erotic energy rising from the ground.

Suddenly I knew that Nature was a She. Absolutely. She was not just a mother, but a vast Sexual Being of planetary size. Erotic energy swirled through my veins! I was awash in delightful physical sensations. It was as if the Earth was making love to me!

My back arched up, repeatedly spasming with pleasure. The more I arched, the better it felt. I sensed the kundalini stirring in my tailbone.

When I at last opened my eyes again, I was surprised to see small, multi-colored beads of luminescent energy crawling through the branches and trunks of the trees.  It seemed as if the beads were slowly oozing through the sap, up and down the xylem and phloem tubes.

What was going on? Was I witnessing tree spirits, or what? I didn’t know. And I didn’t need to know. I was already agog from the fiery display of the fall foliage, so this extra surreal level just zapped it.

Ecstasy on every level…



  1. I think your writing’s good, easily accessible, honest and confessional without apologizing, fun and articulate; good recall, well ordered, but not too thick with grandstanding. Very human narratives… I liked the part about learning to walk more free, away from your father’s earlier conditioning… And the self pleasuring one. I had a similar experience with my wife before we got married. The refresh rate of build-up and release just went on and on. It’s like, “Hey, look at me go!”… Curious we have all that inside us, with such lids on it normally, so self contained and circumspect and conservative like a billion seeds waiting to burst forth one seed at a time. Yet, with a little blotter paper, look out as it all pours forth! And Heaven help us recover. 🙂

  2. Well written. The personal experiences come up refreshingly candid. With all the turbulence, you are able to maintain an objective summary – neither endorsing nor being over critical.

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