Freakshow at the Carnal Carnival

E-book word count:8,907 words (39 pages)

Blurb: Beyond Cirque de Soleil is this kooky poetic spectacle of unhinged erotica. Stir together a musical Genii (think Prince), three multi-culti strippers, and a futuristic circus to get one mad scramble for free love! With some dramatic spice stirred in. The famed Baroness Serpente Charmante desperately tries to get herself rehired after knocking down the circus Big Top.  And, lovestruck, she’ll try just about anything to get in with the Genii… but can she rein in her jealousy enough to merge into his libertine private life?


Book sample (p.8):

“I am going to stir you all… deeply!”

“Mmmmm,” murmur the trio.

The Genii twirls over to Inga and repeats his thrusting on her derriere “…with suspense and surprise…”

He suddenly runs his hands up over her belly dancer bra.

“Ooooo.” The Dancers pretend to be startled. He moves to Baroness Serpente Charmante.

“But without ever resorting… to lies…” The Genii suddenly whips off her gold blazer, leaving her standing there starkers, in nothing but the python of Genesis.

The other Giddybiwenches break into giant smiles. “Aaaaaah!”  they nod, as applause breaks out.

“The Delta Devore Dance Demons, ladies and gentlemen!”

Fraulein Inga strips off her sparkly bra (yes, she is very proud of her mammarian section). Meanwhile Ms. Tonga removes only one shy layer of her own intricate and multi-layered costume.

“I shall ride you all like surfing the waves, until you twitch like epileptics that I’ve been called to save!”  exults the Genii—even as Ms. Tonga bats his hand away.

“Oooo, that sounds electrique!” counters the naked Baroness Serpente Charmante. “But first, you shall be required to catch us.”

She sprints off to the trapeze ladder and zips up it like a lemur. At the top, she laughs, rolls her special unicycle out onto the highwire, and then begins juggling some small kitchen appliances.

You would hardly guess that she is tipsy from those four tequila shots…


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