24 Challenges for Models, a Valentine’s show

24 Challenges for Models: who would prefer their artistic nudity and sex media with a twist! A collection of quicklit. Illustrated e-book. Word count: 21,935. 136 pages, 30 images by 30 artists, for adults only; pdf file format for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, laptops and desktops.

Blurb: What we have here is poetry, comedy skits and visions, swirling in a veritable orgy of styles! This ebook wields some cocky humor and insights into the art of scoring, mostly from a male point of view, and it doesn’t sweep the ‘epic fails’ under the rug’!  24 Challenges For Models starts with the tepid innuendos of primetime TV sitcoms and romance novels. It progressively gets more hardcore and more radically creative in spoken word style, while keeping an eye fixed on the future entrepreneurs of erotica. Influences range from Jim Carrey to Joe Redner, from Prince to internet porn to Burning Man Festival, from titillation to torment and back again! All while demanding that the pink flower of creativity stay alive and throbbing.

sneak peek (pdf format)

These words and imagery show the many, many places where we may draw the taboo line – usually depending on context and who we think is watching…

Audio clip (takes a moment to load):

Did you enjoy the excerpted sample?  If you did, please go ahead and support the arts by purchasing the complete e-book:

e-book pdf “24 CHALLENGES FOR MODELS”: $X.XX

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