Co-Jinn: Haiku poet welds a matrix of fine artists, creating magic. Illustrated e-book. Word count: 1200; 50 images by 50 artists; 54 pages; pdf file format for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, laptops and desktops.

Blurb: Co-Jinn is a short illustrated book in which the author’s 50 haikus are paired with imagery from 50 different artists to create a wonderful shared resonance. He has chosen a loose, non-traditional approach to the haiku, to allow it to breathe in the cadences of the English language (which are different from Japanese). The topics, like the artwork, are diverse: death, sexuality, joy, the commonplace, humor, the seasons and more. The selected images are stunning and varied, some quite quirky. In essence, Co-Jinn is an easy reading picture book but also a refined work of Quick Lit.

sneak peek (pdf format)

Did you enjoy the excerpted sample?  If you did, please go ahead and support the arts by purchasing the complete e-book:

Haiku+Art e-book pdf “Co-Jinn”: $X.XX

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  1. I so enjoyed the movement of your thoughts. Your gift as an artist is felt not only in the images that your words create but in the flexibility of your structure. It takes wonderful use of the pen to create a story within 17 sounds, and I did feel stories were told. I really loved it! It will not be a one time read, I’ll go back to it over and over. So thank you, Russil, for allowing me to be a receiver of your art!

  2. I enjoyed reading your ebook! The mailbox poem is one of my favorites, how the words describe what the photo depicts. Awesome. How personified…

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