Heading for a Three Way Wedding

E-book word count:8,441 words (49 pages). Script for a graphic novel.

Blurb: In the Iraqi desert we find Amina, a local sorceress, wielding mysterious powers! But after swinging fists at Jack, a jaded US mercenary who happens to be her ex, she gets taken into custody. She will have to try to talk her way back to freedom. The mystic witch has to work hard to impress the tiny “Greek chorus” (a triad of gnomes that Jack is training for the air-force). And she will soon feel her heart captured by Sameera, Jack’s chic new flame, a wealthy Pakistani nightclubber.

Slowly, persuasively, Amina turns the tables. The two bi-curious women will find peace on a spiritual trek, merging with Jack in a ménage-à-trois atop the ziggurat!

This is a poetic work about making love not war. It asks us (as many did at the end of the 1960s) how could we revive pacifism and poetry in a win-win future without losers?


Book sample (p.5):

[She freezes. JACK cocks the safety and aims at her head, then pats her down. He shakes his head with a heavy sigh as he slows down the patting procedure.]


We c-c-c-could, you know, begin again.  Our own flow, you and me again, ya know. (His patting almost becomes caressing.) Create our own reality. Right here and n-n-now.


Oh you suppose that we all just give in like this, so peacefully? Is that what you think, Yankee?


Timing. We are adults. (Still caressing) Doesn’t it feel good to synchronize your timing with another’s?


Savvy adults, we are.  That is true.


Let’s move forward, you and I. Beyond any childish, silly, revenge f-f-f-fantasies, OK?

[Armed with their midget guns, the GNOMES cluster around AMINA. She can’t believe how tiny they are.]


(insinuatingly) I am quite a savvy adult too.  Baby. (Whispering to JACK) What’s she look like under the burqa?


I bet she’s hot hot hot. Lady, I am another your-self too, woo-hoo! (The GNOMES laugh madly.)

[JACK’s own laughter peters out. He discharges his pistol into the air, the GNOMES shut up and back away. JACK strolls off by himself a ways. He is having a moment…]


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