Ultra Ménage à Quatre

E-book word count: 7,620 words (42 pages). Script for a graphic novel.

Blurb: Here comes some screwy, neo-Shakespearean modernism, with a jarring undertow! A shamanic temptress is desperately trying to keep her world-weary millionaire husband entertained and satisfied. She can dial up the priciest escorts at the drop of a hat, yet none of them seem to be able to drag his mind away from his depression and insecurities.

But she has a plan.

Ultra Ménage à Quatre is about the sex industry and about class problems, complete with a Greek chorus of porn starlets in insect masks doing bizarre rituals. And Horus, the couple’s nerdy, repressed teenage son is in a bubble of Oedipal trouble. He’s seen too much already, but somehow he will finally manage to come out on top!


Book sample (p.11):


I love our blazing companionship! (She is hugging DORIAN from behind. He licks thrillingly down her neck.) Let’s do some hanky panky, DORIAN.


I have lashed myself to a rich bohemian.  I really love her peaches, wanna shake her tree. (He continues licking down her abdomen.) And surprises await me in the next room.  What do we have here, a Burning Bush? (He playfully bites her clit: she howls.) Oo-oo-oo! I lo-o-o-ove you too.

[DORIAN performs oral sex on ERICA until she starts flailing around.]


This planet? It can make you so-o-o-o sensitive. Until you’re sore, ya know? It’s constantly frustrating for me here. I want more, more, more. But I feel all alone when nobody is playing with me. Empty on the inside. Doesn’t anyone care anymore? What am I really supposed to be doing on this planet? The answer always yells back: NOT THAT! NOT NOW! NOT YET!


Not that way, DORIAN. Just the clit.


Now, now, Lady ERICA. Time for you to receive your instruction. (He spanks her pussy in time while announcing) I have caged my inner man-whore in dungeons of Anger, within fortresses of solitude. But it is time for his release!


(Flipping down the visor) Help! Help! Save me!

[DORIAN stands up and launches into some slapstick judo maneuvers. ERICA is forced to imitate every move because of the handcuff that connects their wrists together.]

e-book pdf “ULTRA MENAGE A QUATRE”: $2.99


  1. Bizarrely funny, a completely “screwy” comedy full of a philosophy of hedonistic trancendance. I would love to stage this at a burn festival!

  2. Woo hoo, through out the whole thing I kept visualizing Annie Sprinkle as Erica in her younger days. Based on observing what Miss Sprinkle has been doing all these years, I can imagine this script pleasuring the tighter parts of her being while opening up the audiences to a good spiritual sex-a-wakening.

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