The Uncanny Adventures of Hellodali

E-book word count:17,580 words (72 pages)

Blurb: Society’s laws have neutered him. Hellodali needs to heal both his libido and his bitter, misanthropist attitude, but that might mean turning his subconscious inside out. Is it even possible?

One day, his thoughts abruptly start manifesting in the real world and, without explanation, the scenery starts morphing out of his conscious control. Dream and reality get spun around in a psychedelic blender! With a woosh, Hellodali is off on the trippy, hyper-accelerated ride of his life: across continents, past impossibilities, through multi-dimensional weirdness and inner taboos. With Daliesque abandon, Hellodali blasts away logic in what becomes a quest to reclaim his masculinity.

This cartoonish, free associative e-book is a bit disturbing yet delirious fun – provided you can turn off your judgmental brain for awhile.


Trippy Book sample (p.53):

I remember tumbling down a cliff in a different car, right after that terrorist attack on the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Part way down the 5000 foot cliff was a large rocky protrusion.  As I passed this outcrop, over the roar of the wind I managed to hear my own voice, echoing back to me off the cliff.  I couldn’t explain why I had a French woman’s voice – a very sonorous one, too.  I was even slinging around some French vocabulary that I no longer remember.  Or was it a Haitian woman’s voice?

The falling Citroen bounced off another outcrop, but we kept on plunging to our doom.  Not pulling out of the freefall and flying away to San Francisco like I had so clearly ordered!

I was terrified.  My teeth chattered as I managed to wriggle clear of that car seatbelt.

The car never landed: it just vanished.

Me?  I landed at the bottom of the cliff, somehow escaping death by falling right into a Jacuzzi.  Both fortunately and surprisingly, the water in the Hot tub broke my fall.  I splashed most of the water over a somber ebony woman who was already sitting in it.  She had long jet black hair and a gold grille on her teeth.  Soaking next to her in the Jacuzzi was a white armoire.  [I don’t know if it had previously fallen out of the sky.]  Out of boredom perhaps, this woman was using an acetylene torch to cut the armoire in half.  Like bisecting a cadaver.

I could see the bright purple arc light cutting, flickering down there underneath the water line.  Wow! I didn’t even know those things could operate underwater!

But I could sense something dangerous here.  WTF. This was a suicide place, man!

Funny Audio clip (takes a moment to load):



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